3D models

Once a point cloud has been created, a less complex model can be extracted to aid in drafting and downstream workflows. At IRED, we offer two choices, polygonal meshes (triangular/quadratic and watertight) or CAD solids. Each has individual benefits.

The project vessel below was scanned and a CAD model was created. Feel free to download the files, to test in your own software.

Polygonal meshes

These meshes can be generated from the point cloud almost automatically. They can be used as intermediates in modeling solids from point clouds, placeholders in CAD software or objects in FEA/CFD analysis. There is very little post-processing work, and meshes can be created for small objects (pipes, equipment) rather quickly. For larger objects (roadways, buildings), meshing may need to be broken into components, and the computational time increases.


CAD solids

This is the traditional CAD object, which can be imported into AutoCAD or Solidworks for further use. IRED has several level-of-details (LoD's) available for this format. The time to create each model increases with an increase in LoD. Each model can be compared to the real world data found in the point cloud using distance computation software, allowing our engineers to create models as close to reality as possible.