At IRED Thermal Group Ltd, we are committed to providing world-class engineering, thermography, and inspection services. We believe that the proper monitoring, operation, and optimization of equipment is only possible with the right people, expertise, and technologies. We specialize in visual inspections, high temperature infrared thermography, predictive program development, fired equipment optimization and asset integrity, and laser technologies.

IRED Thermal Group Ltd. was established to address a shift in the traditional inspection market. As more companies began to search for faster, more cost effective ways to keep facilities running safely and effectively, IRED rose to the challenge. At IRED we believe that by attaining the newest technologies, and ensuring they are backed a solid engineering and inspection foundation, we can meet the reliability and inspection needs of our clients. IRED understands that in today's industrial market customers are challenged by increasing economical and environmental demands. Based on this understanding, the core principles of IRED have been developed and grown to focus on easing the stress placed on customers by providing preventative maintenance plans, repair schedules, and specifically engineered designs, all while making sure projects are completed accurately and on time.

Safety is the foundation of our business. We have a proven commitment to the safe completion of every job, with integrated systems and procedures. Our professional inspectors are trained for the specific hazards of each job, and carry direct experience and accountability.