Infrared thermography is a method which detects infrared energy emitted from the surface of an object and converts it to a temperature to display as visible information. Infrared thermography utilizes specialized cameras to detect thermal anomalies or abnormal heat patterns not visible to the eye. These can represent various failure modes, inefficiencies, or defects in a system or material.

While using the camera is relatively simple, interpreting the findings is where IRED excels. We have experienced inspectors, technicians, and engineers that are able to extract information that will assist you in better maintaining systems and equipment, and improve their safety, quality and reliability.

Infrared thermography services we offer:

  • Tube temperature distributions
  • External refractory monitoring and scope preparation    
  • Thermocouple validation
  • Specialized thermography inspection for external and internal fouling/coking
  • Predictive planning
  • Inspection for catalyst poisoning
  • Emergency infrared monitoring of critical equipment
  • Blackbody validation (for calibration purposes)
  • Pigging cleanliness check

Why choose IRED for thermography?

  • Highly experienced and certified inspectors that are able to accurately interpret complex thermography results in presence of reflections and changes in emissivity
  • Monitor heater integrity for safe and reliable operation
  • Cost-effective method  
  • Pulsed laser pyrometer
  • In-house lab with blackbody validation

Contact us for more information on how IRED’s infrared thermography services can help you ensure safe and reliable operation of your equipment and assets.