What is laser Scanning?

Our laser scanners emit low energy infrared light to capture millions of data points. The lasers are safe for human exposure, and do not interfere with sensors or equipment. The captured points are then used to create a point cloud, a 3D image of the environment which the scanner was able to capture, accurate to the millimetre level.

Point clouds

Point clouds are visual representations of the collected laser data. They can hold up to billions of unique data points.

What can you extract from a point cloud?

CAD models

of equipment, piping or buildings can be generated or created from the data, with your choice in the level of detail.

Detect collisions

before they occur. Our specialized software allows us to simulate equipment extraction or installation paths.


Measure surface flatness

without using a level. Heat maps and measurements accurate down to the milimetre can be extracted from point clouds.


Piping isometrics

can be extracted much faster than traditional hand-drawn isometrics.

Refractory inspections

such as depth/damage analysis or accurate dimensions of existing installations


videos can be created, allowing entire sites to be explored from the office.

Volumetric calculations

from stockpiles to tanks and kilns. 


2D drawings

such as floor plans that include actual equipment location.

Why choose laser and 3D modeling?

IRED utilizes the latest in laser technologies and 3D modeling. By using these technologies, IRED provides faster turnaround time for projects and a wealth of information regarding equipment and building information. Furthermore, following CAD generation, we are able to run the generated models through our Finite Element Analysis (FEA ) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software packages.

Contact us for more information on how IRED’s laser scanning and 3-D modeling services can help your operations