Refractories are non-metallic materials that are exposed to high temperature environments (above 1000 °F or 538 °C). In terms of industrial applications, they most commonly serve as liners for boilers and furnaces. Although the cost of the refractories may seem negligible when compared to the total cost of the equipment or the plant, their importance cannot be ignored. Refractories can be the controlling factor in the success or failure of a furnace and vessel’s service life, as well as the safe and profitable operation of the plant. IRED’s refractory team consists of experienced API 936 certified refractory inspectors and engineers who have direct working experience with refractory design and installation.

Refractory services we offer:

  • Design support and review
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control and inspection in accordance with API 936 standard
  • Refractory preparation, firing and testing in accordance with ASTM standards
  • Turnaround inspection
  • Rope access inspections
  • 3D laser technology integration

Why choose IRED for refractory services?

  • Extensive experience with reaction furnaces, converters, transfer lines, reformers, boilers, and cat cracking applications
  • On hand mobile lab to expedite testing requirements for larger projects and ensure efficiency during turnaround inspections, repairs, and installations
  • 3-D laser integration for as-found and repaired conditions for engineering assessment and design
  • Sample preparation, firing, and testing to ASTM C20, C92, C113, C133, C134, C182, C201, C417, C704, and more
  • Rope access saves significant time and cost when compared to scaffolding access

Contact us for more information on how IRED’s refractory services can help you ensure safe and reliable operation of your equipment and assets.