Monitor Equipment Integrity

IRED ensures our clients confidence in their daily production through our technical expertise and uncompromised quality control and assurance policies. Thermocouple validation is one of the services we offer that will assure your equipment is operating safely and effectively.  IRED also offers specialized infrared thermography inspection of furnace tubes for external and internal fouling/coking. IRED's development of infrared monitoring programs include predictive run cycle and predictive maintenance systems. IRED also offers infrared specific asset management and historical tracking of process furnaces, incineration systems, flare systems, hydrogen reformers, sulfur reaction furnaces, and reheaters. Our team of highly trained Inspectors, Technicians, and Engineers have come together with the newest and best technology to bring forward specialized technical evaluation of refractory loss and repair/installation assessments. With this technology IRED can also provide confirmation of mechanical pigging effectiveness and offer emergency infrared monitoring of critical equipment.

  • Best-in-class analysis and reporting
  • Predictive planning
  • Tube temperatures
  • Thermocouple validation
  • Catalyst poisoning
  • Pigging cleanliness check
  • Coking and fouling
  • Blackbody validation