Tubular Inspection

Acoustic and Ultrasonic Pulsed Reflectometry

IRED utilizes advanced innovative, non-traversing technology for inner and outer diameter tube and pipe inspection that aims to deliver ultra-fast and accurate results for today's challenging turnaround requirements. With this equipment IRED can rapidly and accurately inspect tubes for pitting, blockages, erosion, and holes in 1/3 the average time in comparison to current tubular inspection technology.

Acoustic Pulsed Reflectometry (APR) utilizes acoustic energy and ultrasonic waves to assess the internal characteristics of tubes. Then signal processing algorithms are applied to data results to characterize and size any defects, deposits, and geometric anomalies that may occur internally. 

With Ultrasonic Pulsed Reflectometry (UPR), multi-mode ultrasonic waves are injected into the tube walls through an array of dry coupled piezoelectric transducers. Any changes in wall cross-section (such as defects) will cause reflections. Different flaws will cause different variations of reflections.


  • 66% faster than existing technologies
  • Reduced tube cleaning requirements
  • Rapid inspection, analysis, and reporting
  • Accurate and reliable