Tube failure is a major concern in industries. Pitting, blockages, erosion and holes can all translate to equipment damage and costly repairs. IRED utilizes AcousticEye Duet for inner and outer diameter tube and pipe inspections. This equipment houses an advanced, innovative, and non-traversing wave technologies that enables IRED’s inspectors to quickly and accurately inspect tubes in order to evaluate early warnings and minimize downtime in today’s challenging turnarounds.

AcousticEye DUET uses Acoustic Pulsed Reflectometry (APR) and Ultrasonic Pulsed Reflectometry (UPR) simultaneously. Both these reflectometry techniques operate on the principle of propagating sound waves into the medium and then processing/analyzing reflected waves to determine the characteristics of the discontinuity encountered during their travel. Our inspectors are trained to effectively and accurately analyze the results.  

The advantages of using AcousticEye are as follows:

  • Faster turnaround time, 1/3rd completion time on average (66% faster) means lowered costs
  • High detectability for holes, blockages, cracks, bulges, wall loss, erosion, corrosion and pits
  • Indifferent to shape and material type
  • Faster reporting times due to faster data collection
  • Trending information (on defect development)
  • Consistent, repeatable results
 Acousticeye duet and remote field testing method comparison

Acousticeye duet and remote field testing method comparison

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